Breakaway Academy and Select Sport Officially Partner

Breakaway Academy and Select Sport have officially partnered together to bring academy participants unique deals and products from Select. Select Sport has provided all Breakaway Academy participants with a discount code to use on their website (See details below)

Select Sport is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hand-sewn balls. The innovative, Danish company with a long and exciting history manufactures around three million balls a year and is represented in major parts of the world, also exporting to over 50 countries. Select also develops and markets sport equipment, footballs, futsal balls and handballs in top-quality and high value primarily for clubs and athletes.

Breakaway Academy is excited for this partnership, as we look to provide the best products for our players and specifically targeting our goalkeepers in our programs. "It is exciting to partner with a brand like Select Sport and being able to provide high quality soccer equipment and goalkeeper gloves to our participants at Breakaway" said Breakaway Academy Owner and Director of Goalkeeping Diego Casillas. "It is very difficult to find a high quality product for goalkeepers that is accessible and affordable to all goalkeepers. Select Sport does a great job at this, having a variety of products and competitive pricing. Again, We look forward to working closely with Select Sport to provide these products to our participants".

Through our official partnership, Select Sport has provided a discount code for Breakaway Academy participants. Use code "BRKAWAY25" on

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